Inflammation and adversity

It took a while but finally our paper went online in Toxicology Letters. The paper emerged out of the SAS4REACH consortium in which we discussed the pathology outcome of 14 different particles after subchronic inhalation. The fact that inflammation occurs after most particle exposures is not new, and frustrating classification. However, [...]

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UFP exposure near airport

As a toxicology expert I support environmental issues. Since a number of years I help concerned inhabitants of villages near Maastricht Aachen Airport (MAA). A number of people have been able to contract Sensornet to do measurements of ultrafine particles during 3 months in 2022. The results have been digested into [...]

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Blue skies over MOMENTUM

On June 1st and 2nd the annual meeting of MOMENTUM took place in Scheveningen (NL). A consortium in which apart from basic research into effects of model and real-life particles, also solution sets are being explored. Nanoconsult is strongly involved in the solution set of Safe by (Bio)degradation and has contributed to [...]

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Particles: the way forward

Looking forward to speak in Brussels on december 5th during the informal face-to-face meeting between CEFIC and representatives of the EU to discuss options for particle classification. My presentation will focus on a new way to look at the inflammatory response.

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Breaking news: common sense seems to return!!

Yesterday breaking news on the former classification of TiO2 particles as a carcinogen was published. The European court annuls the former classification of TiO2 as a carcinogenic substance by inhalation in certain powder forms. Common sense seem to return and Nanoconsult praises the persistence of those who have continued debating this. Our [...]

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Reduce ultrafine particle emissions to protect health

On September 15, 2021, the Dutch Health Council released itsAdvies-Risicos-van-ultrafijnstof-in-de-buitenlucht The advisory report was prepared by the temporary Ultrafine Dust Committee. The headline of the press release is: 'Reduce ultrafine dust emissions to protect health'. The intro: 'There is increasing evidence that ultrafine dust can be harmful to health. Therefore, the Health Council [...]

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Particles & health 2021

Are you planning to attend Particles & Health 2o21 (Home | Particles & Health 2020 ( This conference focusses again on the PSLT issue but this time in a broader context, and at the same time tries to point at the current consequences of (STOT) classification under current OECD guidance for particles. [...]

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Bridging two worlds

Happy to share pre-publication of paper in Open Research Europe, connecting my expertise on particle induced effects in lung and after release from medical devices. Astonishing parallels between particle induced effects in lung and hip.

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Local support

It is not always evident from my website but I regularly support local groups with objections to traffic extension or airport issues, usually by an expert assessment on (missing) data or suggestions how to move forward in a specific dossier. Today received news that in one such trajectory the legal court has [...]

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Algae as bio-fungicide

The burden on and effects on the environment and people due to the use of biocides in agriculture and horticulture is a well-known fact. For example, in wine-growing in France, about 90% of all biocides are used on 10% of the total agricultural area. In addition, even organic (wine) farmers are [...]

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