Particle Platform

The Particle Platform is an industry initiative coordinated by CEFIC,in which all major particle producers are represented, driving by the common goal to obtain better tests for so-called poorly soluble low toxicity (PSLT) particles, containing important particle groups such as amorphous silica's, talc, kaolin and many others. Current test protocols for specific [...]

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E-Book available online

Meanwhile the E-book with all contributions to the London Particles & health meeting in 2021 are now online. Please go to the following link:

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Inflammation and adversity

It took a while but finally our paper went online in Toxicology Letters. The paper emerged out of the SAS4REACH consortium in which we discussed the pathology outcome of 14 different particles after subchronic inhalation. The fact that inflammation occurs after most particle exposures is not new, and frustrating classification. However, [...]

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E-book Particles & Health

A few months ago the E-book with all contributions to the  London Particles & Health meeting in 2021 is now published online. Please go to the following link:

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The last two days I spent quite some time online in a virtual (Teams) kick-off of MOMENTUM,  a public private partnership research consortium funded by Zon-MW and Health Holland, Happy to contribute in kind with our expertise on particle toxicology and introduced the concept of Safe-by-Degradation as lesson learnt from previous [...]

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Microplastics white paper delivered to ICCA

A significant part of 2020, Nanoconsult has spent on composing a white paper on the health impact of microplastic particles. For this effort a read-across approach was taken to use current know-how and paradigms developed in other particle area's such as PSLT, nanomaterials and ambient PM. The final report was now delivered [...]

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leerzaam symposium

Het Brightlands material center legde deze maand uit wat er allemaal bij komt kijken als je plastics en verpakkingen circulair wil maken. Een leerzame webinar die ik U kan aanbevelen zolang die nog online staat. Voor mij was dan weer nieuw dat de pigmenten (bv carbon black) en de labels zoveel storen [...]

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MDOT in full drive

It was so good to have our first review meeting of the MDOT EU project on August 27th 2020 (online) with project officer Canger Ozlem and project monitor Eckhard Schwenner. It showed a major progress of bringing solutions to comply with MDR for European SMEs. If you are an SME planning to [...]

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ChemWatch continues debate on PSLT

Yesterday's issue of ChemWatch dedicated an Fresh debate over rodent tests for lung cancer with PSLTs-. Based on a commentary by Danish research Group (Ulla Vogel et al), and the reply by Driscolletal_2020 in Partcile & Fibre Toxicology it became clear that the issue still raises a series of questions. Whereas [...]

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