01 September 2020

Read-across: neonatal surgery needed?

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Read-across is a valuable technique that Nanoconsult is currently exploring in advising ICCA on health impact assessment of microplastic particles. While learning the principles, the availavble [...]

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27 August 2020

MDOT in full drive

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It was so good to have our first review meeting of the MDOT EU project on August 27th 2020 (online) with project officer Canger Ozlem and project [...]

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31 July 2020

ChemWatch continues debate on PSLT

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Yesterday's issue of ChemWatch dedicated an Fresh debate over rodent tests for lung cancer with PSLTs-. Based on a commentary by Danish research Group (Ulla Vogel [...]

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02 June 2020

COVID and nanoparticle parallels

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It does not come as a surprise that the COVID-19 virus behaves as a nanoparticle that upon inhalation can deposit in the nasal cavity and cross the [...]

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13 May 2020

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