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ZonMW consultation on Microplastics & Health 2020

In 2019 ZonMw, a grant program in the Netherlands, launched the first international research program on Microplastics & Health. While a first series of projects has started, many questions remain unanswered. That is why ZonMw has been commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management to work on a [...]

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ChemWatch article on workshop

On March 25th 2020,ChemWatch spent an article entitled "Preliminary definition developed for titanium dioxide-type substances" based on the outcomes of the Edinburgh workshop (April 2019) and the recent publication of the workshop report in Inhalation Toxicology.ChemWatch_PSLTDef_250320

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Expert solicitation- Microplastic Particles- Human Health Impact

Microplastic particles (MPs) have traditionally been considered an issue for  marine environmental systems. However, awareness of human exposure is increasing, particularly as data on the ubiquitous distribution of MPs in indoor and outdoor air, food, drinking water and soil emerge. Despite concern, there is little evidence available on the level and [...]

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Workshop report PSLT published

Happy to share that the consensus report on the PSLT workshop that Nanoconsult organized with Health Innovation Partners, is now published in Inhalation Toxicology. Open access publication can be downloaded here (Driscoll&Borm-InhalTox(2020)! Enjoy reading and sharing.. in addition the debate is also continuing predominantly via ChemWatch which has already spent two [...]

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European Plastic Pact

Great event last Friday March 6th with the official signing of the EPP. Main targets to reduce the use of plastics and stimulate the production of circular plastics: Reusability and recyclability: Design all plastic packaging and single-use plastic products placed on the market to be reusable where possible and in any case [...]

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Workshop report in press

Our PSLT workshop report is in press in Inhalation Toxicology, within one year of the workshop in Edinburgh. Future references to the paper will be through the DOI : 10.1080/08958378.2020.1735581. When the article is published online, it will be available at the following permanent link: https://doi.org/10.1080/08958378.2020.1735581 . A big hand for [...]

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Microplastics particles come in all colors, shapes and materials

Last week I attended through webcast the 2-day workshop on Microplastics organized by the National Academy of Sciences in the USA in Washington DC. I was struck by the enormous drive of research groups to identify and characterise these solid materials in seas, soils and tissues. At the same time it reminded [...]

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If you think about things..

About to start a huge project on hazards and risks from Microplastics to the environment and human health, and then you realize things have many different sides.  Plastic ban and using alternatives may actually be worse for the environment.

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2020: The year of MDR

Nanoconsult wants to express its thanks for the confidence over the past year, and looks forward to 2020 where some existing big project (MDOT) are to be continued and new project on Microplastics is initated.In addition, this year will be the year of the official start of new Medical Device Regulation (MDR) [...]

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A new generation

It is amazing to see how on the one hand discussion in European parlement is going to a climax, while on the other hand also scientific debate on PSLT is revitalized. Please visit this link  for news from parlement. It is also interesting to read papers in Regulatory Toxicology & Pharmacology (Bos [...]

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