On Monday, Jan. 11 2021 ZonMW presented the ‘knowledge agenda Microplastics and Health’ to the Dutch State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management. This knowledge agenda describes the most important knowledge gaps and calls for more research. In presenting this knowledge agenda, ZonMw also publicly announced the awarding of the MOMENTUM project. The key message from the knowledge agenda is the need for more research. ZonMw, TNO and Health~Holland, together with various knowledge institutions and industrial partners, are taking a first step in this direction. They are jointly providing 5.4 million euros in funding for the MOMENTUM consortium. The aim of this consortium is to determine the effects of micro- and nanoplastic particles (MNPs) on human health and ultimately to prevent this. Nanoconsult is part of the program, with a focus to communicate findings between industry and academia and translate into safe-by-design approaches. Please see the press releases in the links below:

In Dutch: Wat doen microplastics in ons lichaam? – ZonMw

In English: What do microplastics do in our body? – ZonMw