Microplastic particles (MPs) have traditionally been considered an issue for  marine environmental systems. However, awareness of human exposure is increasing, particularly as data on the ubiquitous distribution of MPs in indoor and outdoor air, food, drinking water and soil emerge. Despite concern, there is little evidence available on the level and hazards of MP exposures via inhalation and oral pathways. In addition there is a huge need to simplifying understanding to describe the complexity of effects caused by a variety of particle size distribution, shape, density and polymer composition and to characterize uptake and potential health effects.

Nanoconsult has taken the initiative to solicit expert opinion on data gaps, to prioritise next steps and strategies in testing, designing and interpreting studies on MP particles. We are planning an online questionnaire for about 250 experts to be send out in early May 2020.   Do you think you should be on our list because of your expertise in microplastics, particulate matter or nanoparticles? Please contact us