The expert report on the outcomes of the PSLT workshop in Edinburgh has been submitted to Inhalation Toxicology. We have decided to split the paper into two parts, i,e, 1) the consensus opinion of the experts as condensed during the workshop, and 2) our personal interpretation as moderators and experts in this field. Proud to cite the following Email text from one of the experts:

Since Paul Morrow’s 1988 milestone paper a number of publications – by committees, in co-authorship, and individually – have more or less successfully discussed lung particle overload, and this is still going on.  In my opinion, you have now succeeded in creating an authoritative and influential report of the outcome of our 2 day high-level workshop discussions.  I like your division into Part 1 and Part2, making it clear to the reviewers what your own thoughts and comments are and what we – the so-called experts – agreed and disagreed on. Thank you for having organized this important, well-timed Workshop and faithfully reported its outcome, “