We spent 2 full days with 15 invited experts and 15 observers to discuss the state of the art science on PSLT. In breakout sessions we discussed the definition of PSLT, the definition of overload, the releavnce of the rat as a model for PSLT inhalation toxicology and finally the human health hazard and risk due to PSLT. The experts and observers gave my co-moderator Kevin E. Driscoll and myself quite a challenge to moderate and reach consensus in plenary on some important open questions in this field. In the next two months we will prepare a report based on the opinion documented in Edinburgh. Meanwhile we would like to thank dr Rodger Duffin at the University of Edinburgh for hosting this event for us, and creating an atmosphere of trust that has allowed to build bridges between the different stakeholders in the debate, being regulatory bodies, industry and academia. For those interested in the outcomes please sent a mail at borm@nanoconsult.nl and we will keep record of your question. Please visit the item on this website to read more details on organization and participants to the workshop.

St. Leonard’s Hall im Pollock Halls of Residence